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Audrey Lee


New York (US) | UK

Audrey Lee has vast experience in providing consultation services on partnership contracts, human resource management and risk management to major banking institutions like American Express and legal corporations like Cravath. Prior to joining Leighton-Nielsen, she has a successful track record in resolving complex financial problems for numerous international clients in both public and private sectors. She is able to utilize her in-depth knowledge in Legal and Finance to fully assist clients in anticipating and managing strategic risk management issues, and to avoid infringement of any financial regulations.

Ms. Lee is an Oxford graduate with first class degree in Legal and Finance.

  • B.A Jurisprudence (Oxford), MLF (Oxford), M.B.A. (Harvard)
  • Represented a UK IT staffing and consulting company in connection with a two-step transaction involving a corporate restructuring in which the company contributed substantial amounts of its assets and liabilities to a Delaware limited liability company, which simultaneously sold its preferred units to a third party investor for $20 million.
  • Conducted company-wide exempt status analyses and developed reclassification strategies and employee communications to avoid costly wage and hour class action litigation.
  • Successfully negotiated executive separations to avoid litigation and achieve client business objectives.
  • Analyzed and drafted employment provisions of purchase and sale agreements and reviewed and drafted executive employment agreements in connection with mergers and acquisitions. Assisted clients with all employment aspects of post-acquisition integration.
  • Provided on-going advice and counsel to clients regarding accommodation of employees with disabilities, including legal obligations, risk assessment, strategy development and drafting of individual employee communication.
  • +1 (646) 461-1363
  • Madison Center, 590 Madison Avenue,
    #36-E New York,
    New York 10022, United States