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Hye-Rin White

Senior Associate

US | UK | Asia

Prior to joining Leighton-Nielsen, Hye-Rin White has experience working as a business intelligence analyst with Google where she played a core role providing technical, analytical and reporting solutions in support of Google’s key business function. She subsequently joined AC Nielsen where she has effectively expounded her insightful knowledge in developing and analyzing large, complex data sets and converting them into the information that drive business decisions at all levels of the organization.

  • B.A. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Yale)
  • Worked in Google and traveled extensively around the globe to observe the trends for usage of various business intelligence tools and approaches.
  • Proficient in a number of commercial and emerging tools and technologies (Tableau, QlikView, Microstrategy, Business Objects, Cognos, D3).
  • Advised a number of multinational companies in Asia and Europe on sustainable improvements to business approaches and fortification of revenue structure.
  • +1 (646) 461-1363
  • hyerin.white@leighton-nielsen.com
  • 1201 Pacific Avenue, Wells Fargo Building,
    Suite #643, Tacoma,
    Washington WA 98402, United States